The Tilman laboratory originated more than 50 years ago.

1947 :  The first herbal tea

Lucien Tilman, pharmacist at the Durbuy pharmacy in the Belgian Ardennes, makes the first herbal tea and names it Tisane du Vieil Ardennais. This quickly becomes a huge success in Belgium and abroad. 


Inspired by the success of the Tisane du Vieil Ardennais, Lucien Tilman develops a range of 20 herbal teas.>And so, «Tilman Laboratory»


Jean-Noel Tilman, the founder’s son continues to develop the laboratory. The company grows and steadily becomes the Belgium specialist in herbal remedies.Alongside herbal teas, a series of new phytotherapy products appears in modern pharmaceutical forms such as capsules, tablets, syrups, creams, sprays, etc.


The Tilman Laboratory moves to a new building in Baillonville which meets the exacting GMP standards. The laboratories are among the most modern in Europe for the manufacture of phytotherapy products.


After half a century in existence, Tilman has experienced growth not only in terms of its personnel but also its turnover. For twenty years, average annual growth for Tilman has been 15%. Exports are increasingly significant, and Tilman is today present in around thirty countries.