Thanks to our GMP* certified laboratories at the Baillonville site, we are in a position to develop and manufacture many herbal products.

Our installations are divided into two areas :

1. The first area is reserved for herbalist production, and more particularly the production of tea bags and filter bags.


Storage of raw materials.



Weight and mix of the plants.


Packaging the mixes in tea bags.


At each stage, the laboratory monitors and confirms product quality.



2. In the second area, we produce pharmaceutical products other than teas.


Weight and mix of raw materials (plant extracts and excipients).


Putting the mix into capsules.


Packaging the capsules into blister packs.


At each stage, the laboratory monitorsand confirms product quality.

Our analysis laboratory monitors and releases raw materials, products in the process of manufacture and finished products.


* GMP : « Good Manufacturing Practices » 
** HACCP :«Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point»