Slimming herbals tea to prepare with cold water!
Flavour: mint et lemon.

Delicious and refreshing, this herbal tea contains green tea that helps to burn fat and rosemary that supports elimination. The ideal slimming partner you can drink throughout the day!


Green tea
leaf 24%

leaf 45%

Natural lemon flavour

FAT BURNER: elimin FRESH contains green thee and rosmary, which contribute to the degradation of fats.


Adults 2 to 4 teabags per day

PREPARATION: Plunge a sachet into a glass of cold water for 4 to 6 minutes, stir regularly and get a delicious slimming tea. Add ice cubes to it !
TRICK: For more fun, use sparkling water!


Ingredients per bags: Pepermint leaf 45% • Green tea leaf 24% • Liquorice root 8% • Rosemary 6% • Cinnamon 6% • Natural flavors of mint and lemon • Acidifying agent: citric acid 1%.

elimin FRESH mint-lemon is available in:

  • Box of 24 bags (CNK: 2890-341)

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