Our Know-how


We develop natural solutions based on plants for safe and effective management of everyday health concerns.

The concentration of plants to the extreme !

We use plant extracts with unique qualities and origins controlled by Tilman experts.
Most of our products are based on dry extract or standardised extract.

Our approach to quality and safety is reflected right down to the point of sale.
Tilman products are only available in pharmacies, where health professionals are available to advise and guide you in your choices.

The production

Thanks to our facilities at the Baillonville site, which are GMP* and HACCP** certified,
we are able to develop and manufacture many phytotherapy products.

Our facilities are divided into two zones :

  • A “herbalist” area where 6 production lines are active in manufacturing and packaging of your favourite herbal teas.
  • A “white” area subject to the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical forms such as syrups or capsules are produced there.

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