Biolys® Breathe

Thyme, Eucalyptus and Honey
Organic tea with natural flavours!

The BIOLYS Thyme-Eucalyptus-Honey clears the throat and provides a pleasant breath.


ThymThyme grass
(Thymus vulgaris)

Eucalyptus leaf
(Eucalyptus globulus)

Rich in essential oil, thyme leaves have precious cleansing properties for the respiratory tract. Its virtues are particularly useful in case of hoarseness and irritated throat.

Eucalyptus is commonly used to cleanse and clear the airways in case of colds. Eucalyptus leaves are rich in essential oil, which is largely eliminated by the respiratory tract and therefore provides a feeling of freshness in the throat and nose.


 Adults and children from 3 years old 3 cups a day


Ingredients per tea bag: Thyme grass* 35% • Eucalyptus leaf* 30% • Lemon peel* 15% • Liquorice root* 15% • Natural honey flavour.

*Product of organic farming. Checked by Certisys BE-BIO-01.

Biolys Thyme-Eucalyptus-Honey is available in:

  • Box of 24 tea bags (CNK: 3773-439)

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