elimin® DRAINE

Struggle againt cellulite!

elimin DRAINE tea is both a deliciously fruity drink, with an intense red fruit taste, and a drainer that helps to eliminate water accumulated in the legs, thighs, buttocks and hips.


Hibiscus flower

Red fruits flavor

elimin DRAINE tea consists of hibiscus which supports the blood circulation into the microvessels and 3 other plants : orthosiphon, birch and horsetail. The orthosiphon supports the kidney elimination, birch and horsetail contribute to the elimination of present toxins into the tissues.


Adults 2 à 3 cups per day


Ingredients per bags: Horsetail herb 18%Orthosiphon leaf 12,5% Birch leaf 12,5% Hibiscus flower 35% Apple pulp 17% Natural red berry flavor 4% Natural strawberry flavor

elimin DRAINE is available in:

  • Bow of 20 bags (CNK: 2550-408)

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