elimin® KILO’S

The tea that supports weight loss!

Flavoured with subtle peach and citrus flavours, elimin KILO’S tea helps you lose weight while giving you the pleasure of enjoying a delicious infusion.


Green tea
leaf 28%

Lemon balm
leaf 14%

Natural flavors of lemon

Natural flavors of peach

elimin KILO’S tea has a double action:
The green tea and orange peel contribute to the degradation of fats and to their burn.
Lemon balm and lavender help to the relaxation and well-being what prevents stress-related weight gain due to nibbling or overeating.


Drink 1 to 3 cups per dag


Ingrédients per bags: Green Tea leaf 28% • Hibiscus flower 25% • Lemon balm leaf 14% • Bitter orange 10% • Bitter orange leaf 10% • Sweet oragne peel 10% • Lavender flower 5% • Natural flavors of peach, orange and lemon.

elimin KILO’s is availlable in:

  • Box of 20 bags (CNK: 2647-444)

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